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Want to read opinions about our beloved Arsenal but fed up of reading the same bog-standard views that lack any real substance and leave with more questions than answers?

We feel you! That is exactly why we created Arsenal FC Analysis – because we are bored of reading the same old regurgitated nonsense that has been repeated by everyone else about a million times already without bringing anything new to light.

So, how do we make our opinions different to those that are already out there, we hear you ask?

Well, we look to use statistical data to help build our arguments, providing some substance to the point being made and just why, for example, a potential transfer target might be a good (or bad) signing for the Emirates Stadium outfit.

We also bring you the latest views from former Arsenal players on all things about the Gunners, whether that be on a transfer rumour that has emerged or whether it be on something regarding Mikel Arteta’s men.

We always strive to give you the very best content available about our beloved Arsenal and believe you will find it as informative and, perhaps, learn something from them.

Are you full of opinions and thoughts about the Gunners and believe you have something you want to share with the wider Arsenal community that just needs to be heard? Do you want to point out just how important a particular squad member is to Arteta’s side in the pursuit of reclaiming Champions League football? Maybe you know the exact area of the field that needs improvement and want to give an analytical spin on it?

If you feel you can contribute in an analytical way and love all things to do with north London’s giants, then why not get in contact and apply to write for us?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!


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