The midfielder has been on the list of a plethora of clubs in Europe, but he is happy to have joined the Gunners this season.

Real Madrid-owned Dani Ceballos has revealed his decision to turn down a loan move to European champions Liverpool in favour of Arsenal was attained in part because of this style of play used by people at Anfield.

One could be forgiven for questioning Ceballos’s decision to decide on the Emirates over Anfield but the Spain international remains sure he made the perfect decision.

“I was pleased to have a club like Liverpool after me, but I picked Arsenal because of Unai Emery and the way he had been with me. At the moment, I would not fit in at Liverpool very nicely,” the 23-year-old explained in an interview with Marca.

“Unai was crucial to me being at Arsenal. I went to play in a club like Arsenal because, aside from the fact that it is a gigantic club, Unai almost came to my home to inform me he loved me as a participant, that he has been in love with me because I played Betis…

“The assurance of a coach is important to give your very best performance. Unai explained I would be significant together at Arsenal and I did not have any doubts about moving there.

“Klopp is a superb coach but you must appear at the playing doctrine of every team. Right now, my kind of play would not fit in the best way possible in a group like Liverpool. Still, being connected to the best teams only shows I’m doing things right.”

Asked to elaborate on his style, Ceballos added: “I am a soccer player with a fantastic vision for the sport and I think lately I have improved my defending also. I work hard on the pitch and that I have the caliber to make that last pass.

“These days coaches desire’complete’ players, whereas before it was all about having attacking and quality. You must be complete, quality needs to be accompanied by the physical side.

“The hardest thing in football is to get quality, the physical side could be improved with hard work and dedication day by day – I believe the Premier League will give me many things I did not have before.”