Former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has lamented the star departures from the Emirates in the early 2010s, stating the Gunners could have won the Premier League had the group not been divided.

Arsenal won the Premier League in 2003-04 and the group put together a series of 10 seasons, finishing both fourth or third between 2005 and 2015.

Wilshere considers lots of departures jeopardized his group’s pursuit for Premier League glory, especially mentioning the reduction of Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri, and Cesc Fabregas.

Van Persie’s move to Manchester United in 2012 was especially tough to swallow for Wilshere, who stated he had been “devastated” to observe that the Dutchman join among his side’s main competitors.

“He’d only scored 30 goals the entire year earlier.

“It felt as though we were just going to struggle [for the name ] again and all a sudden he made to visit our main competitors. It was hard to take.

“I had been there when Fabregas abandoned, Nasri abandoned, large players.

After spending 10 seasons Arsenal, Wilshere abandoned the club 2018 to join West Ham.

The midfielder struggled with accidents in north London and after the departure of long-time boss Arsene Wenger, his replacement Unai Emery confessed that Wilshere would not be a part of the first-choice line-up.

“I sat down with my loved ones and my spouse. Arsene had declared he was leaving, and it felt like the ideal time to proceed,” Wilshere continued.

“I’d done it before [linking Bournemouth on loan]. I understood there was life out Arsenal. I simply believed it was the ideal time to proceed. Times were changing in Arsenal.

“I talked with the new supervisor who stated:’It is possible to stay but you aren’t within my beginning XI’.

“Arsene understood what I could do and honest me. I knew if I got it, I’d play and I did not get off that vibe Emery. It had been tough.”