Arsenal Football Club has been very active in the current transfer window. The club has splashed cash with notable signings of new players in defence, midfield, and attack. Arsenal has also renewed several players’ contracts and has primarily done good business in the transfer window.

The effect of this transfer has been noticeable. So far, Arsenal has had an impressive preseason and even defeated London rivals Chelsea by four goals to nothing to conclude their United States tour. Many Arsenal fans are pumped about the positive turnaround of events. This is not due to the wins secured, but the crisp passing football that Arsenal has been playing.

Ahead of the new season beginning in less than a fortnight, many Arsenal fans are already looking for the best places to bet on football. They are confident about Arsenal ahead of the new season and want to spend their money to back their team.

While Arsenal football looks enticing, the season ahead is long. This article will reveal some factors to consider before placing a bet on Arsenal.

Factors to consider before betting on Arsenal for the New Season

Kudos must be given to the Arsenal board and manager for being very active in the transfer market. Arsenal’s preseason football is a clear indication of the team’s current mentality. Still, it may be too early to reach a verdict on Arsenal’s performance as the season progresses.

Here’s why:

  • The Competitions

Arsenal narrowly missed out on the UEFA Champions League qualification last season. As a result, they have to play in the Europa League in the new season. The Europa League is different from the UEFA Champions League. In many cases, teams usually have to enjoy long travel hours, which can cause accumulated fatigue for players.

Arsenal would still have to keep up with the weekly Premier League Schedule and the demand of other competitions such as the FA Cup and Capital One cup.

  • Squad Depth

Currently, Arsenal appears to have a solid first team. Going by the preseason performances, the first team looks solid. Unfortunately, this first team cannot play every game. They need substitutes. That is where the club currently has a big challenge.

It may appear as if Arsenal has a lot of available players in the squad. But many of these players cannot cover their positions effectively as first-team players. Many of the players are also surplus to requirements and may be unable to deliver effectively when called upon. Manager Arteta has said Arsenal still has some business to do in the transfer window. Fingers crossed, adequate reinforcements may be brought in before the window closes.

  • FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup will be happening at a critical point in the new season. Most Arsenal players will be representing their countries at the tournament, resulting in more games played by these players. Most of Arsenal’s direct rivals may not have their players at the world cup, which may be a disadvantage for Arsenal.


This article is not intended to rouse apprehensions among Arsenal fans. It is just a guide to point the fans to the facts. Arsenal has got what it takes to compete on all fronts this season. But the reality is their direct opponents will not give up on pursuing their aspirations.