The Gunners are keeping tabs on the 20-year-old Canada international, with the forwards determined to become one of the best strikers in the world.

Arsenal’s target Jonathan David has shown he expects to play in the Premier League one day, fostering the Gunners’ hopes of landing the Gent striker if they choose to concretise their attention.

As supported by Target, Mikel Arteta’s side are keeping tabs on Canada global’s progress as they prepare for the possibility that they may lose one of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Alexandre Lacazette in the summertime.

The Gent forward has scored 23 goals in all competitions for the club this year, with Jess Thorup’s side now second in the league while having also reached the Europa League round of 32 before being pumped out by Roma.

David scored in the return leg against the Italians and insists that while a move to England will be of interest, he does not need to join a club that could see him sitting on the seat.

He advised the Guardian: “I do not really concentrate on that or think much about it. I’m playing with every minute of each game which has helped me get I want to be.

“I simply need to take a fantastic step where I can ensure I am getting enough time on the pitch to keep growing. I don’t need to go and just so that it’s about taking the step to stay on the seat.

“I need to become one of the best strikers in the world. That’s my objective. The Premier League is the finest in the world and many aggressive so obviously, that’s somewhere I would like to play in the long run.”

The spoke highly of club Gent, who enabled him to forget a choice of games to return home after the death of his mother.

“It meant a great deal to me,” he added. “It was a challenging situation and that I wanted the support of people around me. The club knew that the best thing for me was to be about my family so that they let me take the time that I wanted and obviously I am very thankful for that.”

David was born in New York but resisted the opportunity to play for the USMNT, instead deciding to play with his international soccer for Canada. Explaining the decision, he said: “Canada has given me a fantastic life and made me the man I am now.

“I’m thankful for that and now it’s truly about giving back to the nation which gave to me. That is why it was a no-brainer actually and choosing on Canada wanting to do something with the group we have where it has to be and put the country.

“For many of us, the goal is the World Cup in 2022, which I believe we’ve got a wonderful likelihood of qualifying for. It would be amazing to play on home soil in 2026 but we know that’s later on.”