Football Betting is a way for its fans to do two things, one is to prove their knowledge in the sport and two to help them make money. Football betting is known for its wide range of bets and there are several different types and ways to beg on football. Today, we will be looking at one of the famous types of football bets, Handicap Betting.

Handicaps were said to have been introduced to betting for two reasons: one is to provide another type of betting and two, is to even the odds of a situation where a team is an absolute favorite in a match but the odds will be small.

Ever since its introduction to the betting world, Handicap Betting has been very popular among many punters, but some beginners might still be clueless as to what Handicap is or what the Asian Handicap, in this article we will be discussing what handicap betting is and how you should bet on football with it.

What Is Handicap Betting

This a type of football bet where online bookies give one team a presumptuous handicap to give their opponent a head start for the match. For example, when Manchester City plays at home against Sheffield United, the bookmakers could give odds equivalent to the Citizens having a two-goal disadvantage, could be denoted like this Manchester City -2, Sheffield United +2.

What this means is that Manchester City will need to win the game by three or more goals ahead of their opponent, while a two-goals or one-goal victory would mean a win for those backing a draw and a draw or a victory for Sheffield United will make the bet on Sheffield +2 a winning bet.

A standard handicap is a handicap always about the whole goal amount (one, two, three, four, five, or more goals). Every time you place a handicap betting, you’ll always have the option to back a draw, while the Asian Handicap is more exciting.

Asian Handicap Betting

The Asian handicap football betting offers two options, with the use of the example above, it will be for either Manchester City to win or Sheffield United to win. This type of betting was created, as the title claims, in Asia.

A draw in a match is canceled out at by the bookies using part-goals like handicap -0.5, which means a draw in the match is not considered as a win or neither sides nor this will see your stake being returned to you, as it is like a void betting.

In the Asian handicap football betting, you still get the +1/-1, but this means that a one-goal win for the absolute favorite will see your stake being returned as it is considered a push. There is also an Asian Handicap type of betting called Zero Handicap, where no goal advantage is given but if it ends in a draw, your stake will be returned to you, considered a push again.

When betting on football, there are always different odds being offered by online bookies when it comes to handicaps and Asian Handicaps. But you should always the equivalent odds to the other betting markets with different bookies.